A Breakdown of Charleston Transportation

The Charleston area is made up of nearly a dozen communities and beaches spread across ___ miles. This means that figuring out the best transportation options for your specific needs is key to making your next trip here a success. Whether you’re staying downtown on the Peninsula and wanting to go to a beach town or staying in one of Charleston’s thousands of vacation rentals and need to get to King Street for a night out, chances are you will not be staying in the same area your entire trip.

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That’s why we made this breakdown of Charleston transportation, so you know all of your options and when to use which. When it makes sense to get picked up in a luxury party bus and when you’re better off just calling an Uber. When it’s worth renting a car and when you should throw your thumb up for some good ole fashioned hitchhiking. Ready? Let’s go!

Charleston Party Bus

Charleston party bus is definitely the most fun transportation option in Charleston and depending on the size of your group it could be a great option for your trip. They are outfitted with wraparound seating, surround sound speakers, LED mood lighting and bars.


We recommend one if your group is 10+ people and your drive is 30 minutes or more. This is often the case when you are staying in one of the beach towns riddled with Airbnb’s (Isle of Palm, Kiawah, Folly Beach, etc.) and trying to get to King Street for a night out on the town. They’re also a great option if you are staying downtown and want to go golfing or visit one of the beaches.

Double Black offers great half-day and full-day discounts for trips lasting 8+ hours!

Rental Car

Rental cars have gotten expensive ever since Covid but they are still often worth it if you plan on going on multiple day trips. While getting a convertible might be tempting, it’s often not worth it considering how much of the time you’ll spend driving on the highway. Jeeps can be just as fun and a lot more practical!

We also recommend rental cars if you’re staying at a vacation home considering it makes going to the grocery store a helluva lot easier. Nobody wants to call two separate Uber’s while holding ice cream!


Uber’s can be a great option if you’re staying downtown since that’s where most of them will be. However, if you’re staying in one of the suburbs (West Ashley, Daniel Island, etc.) they often take 10+ minutes to get to you, so plan accordingly! Successfully acquiring one in IOP can be very difficult and you might as well not even try in Kiawah. However, they will drive you to all of these places from downtown!

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Taxis will actually pick you up in Kiawah and West Ashley but they’ll need a heads up first. They’ll also be more expensive than Uber’s most of the time. If you’re a small group staying in one of the beach towns we recommend prearranging a taxi to King Street and then relying on Uber to get you home once the bars close. Be wary, Uber prices will skyrocket at 2:00 am, so if cost is an issue we recommend going home around 1:00 am instead.

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While serial killers have given hitchhiking a bad rap, it remains relatively safe in travel destinations. While we do not recommend it if you are alone or underage, it can be a great last minute resort if you’re in a jam. Especially if you’re stuck in the beach towns, just hop in the back of a truck and you’ll be partying at Uptown before you know it!


Charleston can be a tricky place to navigate, especially during peak travel weekends. We hope this breakdown taught you some transportation options you hadn’t thought about and helps you plan out your next trip. And if you decide you need a Charleston party bus for one or all of your days here, request a quote today!

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