Kids Birthday Guide: Celebrate with a Charleston Party Bus Adventure!

Birthday celebrations have reached new heights in the last decade or so with the onslaught of social media. 

Adults and kids alike are having crazier and crazier birthdays and it’s hard to keep up. 

Associated costs have exploded and it’s getting harder to think of anything fun without breaking the bank.

Luckily, we’re here to save the day with the best birthday party solution!

A Charleston party bus provides a safe, convenient and most importantly, fun way to celebrate the next birthday in your life!

Kids party bus Charleston

Outfitted with wraparound seating, LED mood lighting and surround sound speakers, our party buses are engineered for everyone to have a blast!

There is simply no better way to control the environment in a fun way than a party bus. You’ll be able to relax as the kids dance their hearts out.

In this guide we’ll cover various party bus options (drive-arounds vs round-trips) as well as the best ways to save money!

Party Bus Drive-Around

A lot of our clients decide to book our party bus as the main form of entertainment for their event. This way you don’t have to worry about booking another venue or losing track of people.

This also allows you the time to pick everyone up at their own homes, saving their parents the headache of driving them.

Here is a popular itinerary for such a plan:

A Festive Pickup: Have our party bus collect all of the guests from their own doorsteps. It’s convenient for parents and thrilling for the kids!

Scenic Drive: Our most popular routes involve going through Rainbow Row, with stops at either the Pineapple Fountain or the Battery for pictures. 

Sweet Treat: Stop at one of Charleston’s many delicious dessert havens for a sweet treat! 

Pro Tip: Have the adult collect the dessert and bring it back on the bus so you don’t have to supervise all of the kids getting off the bus.

Safe Drop Off: Take every guest to their own home at the end of the ride to ensure a safe, convenient departure.

Downtown Charleston

Round-Trip Service for Destination Celebrations

Another option is to have the party bus as a means of transportation to and from the destination you are celebrating at.

This is great if you’re already planning a party at a specific venue and want to add an element of luxury and excitement for all of your guests.

Popular destinations include the South Carolina Aquarium, The Alley and SkyZone.

bowling alley

Money Saving Tips for your next Party Bus

Midweek Magic: The easiest way to save money while booking a party bus is to take advantage of our 20% weeknight discount Sunday through Thursday.

 Sunday is a great time to have a kids birthday party during the day.

Monday – Thursday is also a great time and we can pick everyone up from school, a memory that will last a lifetime!

Daytime Discount: If you must have your party on a Saturday, we recommend that you book it during the daytime. That way you will enjoy a 10% discount from us!

One-Way Trips: If you already have a venue selected for your next birthday party, you can save some money by only using the party bus to get there. Then parents can pick up their kids whenever they want.


Conclusion: The best kids birthday party option in Charleston

Celebrating your child’s birthday with a Charleston party bus not only makes the day unforgettable but also stress-free for parents and thrilling for the kids. 

Imagine the joy as they hop on a festive bus, customized just for them, with their favorite tunes playing and lights dancing around them. 

So for your next kids’ birthday, let us help you create more than just memories; let’s create smiles and stories that last a lifetime.

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