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Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide

With a combination of beautiful white sand beaches, amazing restaurants, great year round weather and outstanding nightlife, Charleston is an ideal location for bachelorette parties.

There are almost too many options to choose from when planning your bachelorette weekend.

That’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate guide for a bachelorette party in Charleston, including what time of year to visit, where to stay, what to bring and what to do when you get here, besides just partying on King Street.

And how to get deals with the best Charleston limo service, that will turn your weekend into a memory for life!

Charleston bachelorette party

When to visit Charleston for a Bachelorette Party

Charleston’s subtropical climate is one of the reasons Charleston has visitors year round and you can get great weather in all 12 months of the year.

However, if you want the best chance of warm sunny days that aren’t too hot, we recommend planning your bachelorette party in either the Spring or Fall.

The summer can also be very nice, but with an average high of 89 degrees it can often be too hot (especially if you plan on day drinking or wearing makeup). 

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Budget Tip: If you wanna save some money and don’t plan on going into the Ocean, the cool season lasting from December 2nd to March 2nd is still a great time to visit and you will save huge amounts of money on airfare and lodging! Moreover, a ton of companies run specials during the off-season as well.

Where to Stay in Charleston for a Bachelorette Party

Depending on the size of your group and budget, there are several different areas and types of lodging that would accommodate your bachelorette party in Charleston.

1. Downtown Charleston

Downtown is the obvious choice if you want to be able to walk to all of the restaurants and bars. However, it’s also the priciest option. A great way to save some money downtown is booking an Airbnb rather than staying in a hotel.

It’s also ideal for smaller groups who want to ball out in a beautiful hotel and walk to everything but don’t need a big house for after parties.

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Our favorite hotels downtown are:

Hotel Bennett

Located at the corner of Marion Square, this 5-star hotel has everything you need and is fit for a bachelorette queen.

Why We Love It: Everything about this place boasts luxury, including the grandiose lobby, pool and suites.

Why You Might Not: All of this luxury does not come cheap, weekend rates start around $800 during peak season.

Wow Factor: Fiat Lux, the rooftop bar, has the best (and highest) view in the entire city of Charleston.

The Inns

A collection of 8 renovated, historic multi-family residences all within walkable reach of each other and down, these are some of the best value rental properties in all of Charleston.

Why We Love It: These homes ooze history and convenience at an affordable rate.

Why You Might Not: These are not hotel rooms and therefore do not have certain amenities including room service, housekeeping and valet.

Wow Factor: In total this collection of homes can accommodate up to 120 guests, making it a great place for weddings.

Zero George

Where hospitality rules over everything, this is truly the premier boutique experience in Charleston.

Why We Love It: The 16 guest rooms and suites have all been restore in painstaking detail and timeless design.

Why You Might Not: Boutique hotels aren’t for everyone as you will miss some of the perks of large hotels.

Wow Factor: The Restaurant at Zero George is one of the best tasting menus we’ve ever had. If the Michelin Guide ever decides to rate restaurants in South Carolina, we believe this place would have at least one star.

2. Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a beautiful beachtown approximately 15 minutes from downtown Charleston with plenty of big house rentals that are perfect for bachelorette parties.

However, a lot of Mount Pleasant is more suburb than beach town. If you’re looking for a true beach town check out Folly Beach! 

Depending on your budget there are several options that have pools and are walking distance from the beach. There are also several 3 star hotels for great value if you prefer to save your money for the activities!

Why We Love It: Mount Pleasant is the closest beach town to Downtown Charleston. Most AirBnBs are less than 15 minutes away!

Why You Might Not: It is lacking a true downtown, unlike Folly Beach where you have a self-sufficient area, you will most likely be heading to Downtown Charleston for everything.

Wow Factor: The waterfront district at Shem Creek has great dining and drinking options that attract a lot of the young locals.

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3. Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a quintessential surf town with a bunch of touristy shops and restaurants. There are also a ton of big airbnb’s if you have a large group and are trying to party.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for large groups to secure a ride to downtown so we would recommend getting a Charleston party bus!

Why We Love It: Folly Beach has a true surf town culture and is worth a weekend on its own. You will not feel the need to be hopping in a car to Charleston every time you leave your lodging.

Why You Might Not: It is lacking some of the finer things you can find in Downtown Charleston, including ritzy restaurants and high-end shopping.

Wow Factor: Make sure to get out on the water if you’re staying down in Folly Beach. There are opportunities to surf, sail, swim, and our personal favorite, kayak with dolphins. Yes, you heard that right! Dolphins are super easy to find in the marshes surrounding Folly Beach and for $35 you can rent a kayak to go find them.

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4. Isle of Palms

Home to many of the nicest and largest Airbnbs in the area, IOP is a no-brainer for your next bachelorette party mansion.

Many of the homes have large decks, swimming pools and beautiful views of the ocean.

Why We Love It: It’s only 30 minutes away from Downtown Charleston, making it significantly closer than Kiawah.

Why You Might Not: Isle of Palms rentals tend to be expensive, as will group transportation to and from Downtown Charleston. Make sure everyone pitches to make it these dream homes your reality for the weekend.

Wow Factor: The Windjammer has been a live music institution for over 50 years and is constantly the liveliest place on Isle of Palms.

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5. Kiawah

Kiawah is a massive golf community with 5 separate courses, including the nationally ranked Ocean Course. It also has some of the most beautiful homes in the Charleston area.

Why We Love It: Kiawah is truly a golfer’s paradise. It also has a nearby grocery store and enough restaurants to keep you satisfied without driving to Charleston.

Why You Might Not: Kiawah is over an hour away from Downtown Charleston, not including the time it takes to get through the gate.

Wow Factor: The Ocean Course is one of the best golf courses in the United States and a must-play for any true golfer.

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What to Bring to a Charleston Bachelorette Party

No two bachelorette parties are the same, so you’ll want to curate this list based on the bride and what part of Charleston you’re staying in. But here are some of the essentials:

A Southern Wardrobe

Charleston is the epitome of a southern-meets-sea vibe and you’ll want to dress the part. Floral tops and flowing dresses are easy staples.

Plan to pair your swimwear with sun protection including a floppy hat (the bigger the better!) and a cover-up.

You’ll never regret packing a straw cowgirl hat either.

Luckily there is great shopping on King Street if you forget anything.


It should come as no surprise that you will have to entertain your guests between dinner reservations and boat rides. The easiest way to do this is to pack a speaker with a fitting playlist.

Other fun items include pool toys, bachelorette games and shooters.

The Right Crew

This sounds like an obvious one but make sure you invite the right people.

Obviously, there is the core group of ride-or-dies but chances are there will also be some fringe invites that could go either way. When evaluating these add-ons consider potential drama, fun level and cooking/cleaning capabilities.

Bachelorette Party Activities in Charleston

Now that you’ve figured out when you’re going to visit and where you’re going to stay, it’s time to decide what to do during your stay in Charleston!

1. Ride a Party Bus

Whether you’re staying in one of the beach towns (Mount Pleasant, James Island, Kiawah) and need transportation to downtown

Charleston or staying downtown and want to go to the beach, a party bus is always the most fun way to get from point A to B. This is especially true for bachelorette parties that are large in number and personality. 

We may be a little biased but there is no better Charleston Party Bus than Double Black Transportation.

Along with standard hourly rates, we also offer half-day and full-day rates that allow time to be shuttled between the beach, shopping, dinner and the clubs without breaking the bank. We even offer round-trip rates where you only have to pay for the beginning and end of the ride!

Need a Party Bus in Charleston?

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2. Visit a Winery

Bachelorette parties could not exist without wine and vice versa! Luckily for you, Deep Water Vineyard is only half an hour from Charleston.

They offer self-guided tours and tastings as well as private tasting sessions that are perfect for large groups. Not only is Deep Water the only vineyard in Low Country, but it is also home to Bears Bluff Meadery.

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3. Find a Beach

Charleston is surrounded by pristine beaches and you should definitely check at least one out while you’re here.

Our favorites are Isle of Palms and Folly Beach if you want a laid back experience, while Sullivan’s Island is the place to go if you want more activity.

beach day

4. Dine on Southern Specialties

There is an awesome food scene in Charleston, with many restaurants specializing in lowcountry cuisine as well as traditional seafood.

Fig is our favorite fine dining restaurant, while we love 167 Raw Oyster Bar for all of our shellfish fans out there.

No Charleston restaurant list can be complete without mentioning Leon’s, which serves the best fried chicken and southern-style seafood in the area.

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Though finding a large reservation at any of these restaurants can be tricky, check out our guide to the best Charleston large group restaurants.

5. Dance at a Club

While there are many great nightlife options in Charleston, Trio is the only true nightclub where A-list DJs play when they’re in town, including Dillon Francis this Spring. There are tables available for large groups as well as GA. 

And if you want a chance to be on tv, check out Republic Garden & Lounge, the setting of Bravo’s new hit, Southern Hospitality!

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6. Book a Boat

Is there anything better than renting a boat for your bachelorette party? We’re not sure, especially not in Charleston!

You can ride along the coastline or go check out Fort Sumter, a seafort that dates back to the War of 1812.

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want to get out on the water, we recommend the Charleston Harbor Tour as well!

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7. See a Show at the Wonderer

The best new place to watch live music is at the members-only club, The Wonderer.

As a social wellness club, it is usually open to its members, however they have recently been hosting public concerts at the stage in front of their pool.

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Charleston is a top 5 bachelorette party destination for a reason! You’re surrounded by water, southern gentlemen, rooftop bars and seafood towers. The best way to see all of these and more is booking a Charleston party bus!

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