Should You Rent a Charleston Party Bus, Limousine or Limo Bus?

Do you have a night out in Charleston planned with a large group of people? Are you unsure about what method of transportation suits your needs best? Then you’ve come to the right place because we will set you straight with the perfect vehicle depending on your group size, occasion and budget. We’ll list out your different Charleston Transportation options and why each one could be the right choice for you!

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Charleston Party Bus

Charleston Party bus is essentially designed for large groups visiting the Lowcountry. They come equipped with LED lighting packages, wraparound seating and surround-sound speakers. Also, unlike limos they are tall enough that people can actually stand up and dance. With passenger capacity ranging from 16 – 60, they are our highest recommended vehicle if you have a group of 8 or more. 


One drawback is price as most party buses in Charleston will cost around $200 per hour if not more. However, it is easy to split that cost with a large group! You can also bring down the hourly rate by checking out Double Black’s weekday, half-day, full-day and multi-day discounts.

Charleston Limo Bus

There’s some debate on what exactly a Charleston limo bus is compared to a party bus. Some people say they are pretty much the same thing while others point out that some limo buses do not have all of the features a party bus does, including laser lights and dance floors. 

The biggest difference can be that some limo buses have row seating. In our opinion, this is a deal breaker! Row seating will divide your party up and be a major buzzkill. Meanwhile, wraparound seating provides an intimate setting that promotes a great party atmosphere. Also, it opens up the walkway to become a portable dance floor! 

Charleston Limo

Limos were once the epitome of luxury transportation. Unfortunately, most of them are in serious need of a face lift. Don’t be surprised if your limo has 90s interior and cigarette burns. However, if you are able to find a new limousine it can be a great method of transportation for groups of 4-8 passengers. 

While many limousine companies advertise that their vehicles can fit up to 10 people, we do not recommend limos to groups larger than 8. If you do book a limo with a group of 8+ all of your knees will be touching and there will be little room to relax or party.

Another drawback of classic limos is that their ceilings are quite low. This means you will not be able to dance on the limo and it can be difficult to even move seats.

Even with these drawbacks, we still recommend classic limousines for date nights and double date nights in Charleston’s Lowcountry.

Charleston SUV Limo

There are several SUV limos on the market including Hummer limos, Escalade limos and Chrysler 300 limos. While these vehicles are still not ideal for groups of 15+ we like them a lot more than classic limos. They still might not be tall enough to have a full on dance party, but at least you won’t have to crouch as much.

SUV limos also tend to be newer than classic limos, which means they have nicer interiors and better sound systems. Some of them even have LED lighting packages as well!

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However, they will traditionally cost more than classic limousines and can often cost close to the same as party buses. In which case we recommend booking a party bus for your next event in Charleston. This is because of the higher ceilings, larger capacity and dancefloors.

Conclusion – Charleston Party Bus

There are several group transportation options in Charleston, SC. If your budget allows, we recommend booking a party bus every time! This is because of their high ceilings, passenger capacities and entertainment systems. However, if your group is around 8 or less passengers we believe an SUV limo or classic limousine are both good options, depending on your budget.

Need a Party Bus in Charleston?

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